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CCleaner is an award-winning PC tune-up and opimization tool to clean up the junk files and speed up the PC, Mac, and android devices. With over 2 billion+, CCleaner is the world’s best PC optimizing tool that would instantly takes care of the unwanted junk files thats causing your computer to slow down by trashing it. Moreover, CCleaner is loaded with other extra features for the power users to perform advances PC optimization operations. Download CCleaner free to safeguard your computer privacy and turn your system faster and more secured.

CCleaner for Windows 10, Mac & Android

CCleaner is available to download for Windows 10, Mac, and Android. Speed up your Windows 10, Mac iOS, and Android devices by trashing the unused junk files, cluttered registries etc.,

CCleaner for PC

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Android

Features of CCleaner

Windows, Mac and android devices tend to become slower and slower and crashes very often after months or even days of usage.

The reason is that the operating system creates a huge junk of log files and temporary files for the proper functioning of system applications.

However, when these files pile up they occupy a lot of disk space thereby reducing the computer speed and leads to frequent system crashes.

Download CCleaner to speed up and prevent unwanted system failure in Windows 10, Mac, and Android devices.



Increases Computer Speed

CCleaner regularly deletes the unwaned files thereby reducing space occupied by these junk files that slows down the system

To Guarantees Safe and Secure Online Browsing

Usually websites download cookies to the computer to track online behaviour for displaying ads, which often ends up in displaying annoying pop up and offensive ads. CCleaner can effectively delete your online browsing history and othe unwanted cookies that might affect your secure online browsing experience to safeguard your identity and privacy.

To Effectively Decrease Disk Errors and Crashes

Cluttered computer registry can cause programs to crash and often leads to system failure. CCleaner is equipped with a patented registry cleaner that can effectively unclutter to make the PC run stably.

To enhance Application Startup

CCleaner keeps track of the background applications and disables the applications that are inactive but consuming the memory resources. This help in quickly starting up the applications that are in demand.



Download CCleaner Free or Professional Versions

CCleaner comes in three versions – CCleaner free, CCleaner Professional, & CCleaner Professional Plus.

CCleaner free version comes with basic PC speed up functionalities such as Faster computer & Privacy protection

CCleaner Free

CCleaner Professional version is packed with advanced features such as Real time monitoring, Scheduled files clean up, Automatic updates, and Premium support. It costs just $23.40$(€19.82) which is far less than any hardware devices thats required to speed up the computer.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional Plus version has all the features that Professional version offers plus it also has Disk Defragmentation service, File Recovery function, and Hardware inventory.

CCleaner Professional+

Note: CCleaner Professional is the most effective version of CCleaner owing to its most advanced disk clean up and safety functionalities.

CCleaner Versions – Free | Professional | Professional Plus


Main Highlights of CCleaner:

CCleaner is one of the best PC speed up, privacy protecting, and junk files clean up tool. Its wide range of functionalities range from cleaning unwanted files to speed up the windows 10, mac, and android devices to removing ad annoying browser cookies.

What does the CCleaner clean anyway?

  • Temporary files
  • Browsing history
  • Cookies
  • Index.dat files
  • Autocomplete Form history
  • Recycle bin files
  • Recent documents
  • Log files
  • Clipboard
  • DNS Cache
  • Error reporting
  • Memory Dumps
  • Unused and cluttered registry entries
  • Shared DLLs
  • Invalid shortcuts
CCleaner deletes unwanted Files